Microchipping puppies and kittens (dogs and cats)

Dear breeders, we advise you to refrain from tattooing your animals and move to microchipping puppies and kittens (cats and dogs) due to the following reasons:

  1. Tattoo of cats and dogs that were born after July 1st 2011 will not work as a mean of identifying animals during trips on the territory of European Union. All animals that are exported from territory of Lithuania must have a microchip.
  2. Microchip is the only practical and fast mean of finding a lost (escaped) animal and finding its owners.
  3. Procedure of injecting a microchip is less painful than tattooing.
  4. Implanting a microchip excludes the possibility of falsification of an animal.


Price of microchipping puppies (age up to 3 months) that have pedigree documents by the Lithuanian Cynological Society (LKD) – 15 €.

Price of microchipping kittens – 15 €.

More detailed information can be obtained by calling the reception: (+370 5) 2132982 or (+370 5) 2105048WhatsApp number: +370 674 55200.