For dog breeders

For breeders of purebred dogs


UAB «Jakovo veterinarijos centras» is collaborating with the many breeding kennels/clubs in Lithuania. We perform examinations that are needed for breeding (hip/elbow dysplasia, eye examination, clinical evaluation of the knee joint, etc.). All the listed examinations are performed in accordance with the acts and regulations of FCI (World Canine Organization). Experts that are performing examinations are approved by the Lithuanian Cynological Society (LKD); therefore, they are official experts of FCI in Lithuania. The required examinations for dogs in accordance with breed and age are specified in the annex to the regulations for breeding by the Lithuanian Cynological Society (LKD).

Genetic analysis

Due to scientific progress there are more and more various genetic tests performed in the world. We provide a list and clinics of tests that are performed in several partner laboratories as well as prices. If you cannot find a disease that interests you can contact Ms. Aušra Kucharčikaitė by calling to the reception: (8 5) 213 29 82 or (8 5) 210 50 48 or e-mailing (ATTENTION: please always specify your name and phone number in the letter so the doctor would be able to contact you), we will do out best to answer all your questions and find you an opportunity to perform a genetic examination for your pet.

Galimybė atlikti gydymo procedūras namie

Tais atvejais, kai neturite laiko važiuoti kasdien atlikti gydymo procedūras į kliniką, po konsultacijos su veterinarijos gydytoju, UAB Jakovo veterinarijos centre gydomiems pacientams, kurių savininkai dėl įvairių priežaščių negali atvykti į kiniką, dalį paslaugų namuose gali suteikti veterinarijos felčeris.

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Kompiuterinė tomografija šunims ir katėms

Džiaugiamės, kad nuo 2014 m. spalio mėnesio pirmieji Lietuvoje pradėjome atlikti kompiuterinės tomografijos (KT) tyrimus šunims ir katėms. Kompiuterinė tomografija šunims ir katėms atliekama nauju, šiam tikslui įsigytu SIEMENS firmos kompiuteriniu tomografu SOMATOM Spirit.

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Pagalba knarkiantiems šunims – operacija lazeriu

Jakovo veterinarijos centre atliekama operacija lazeriu - puiki pagalba knarkiantiems šunims ir jų šeimininkams.

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