• Frozen semen import to Lithuania ( for breeders )

Frozen semen import to Lithuania ( for breeders )

Here you can find the recommendations of Dr. Jakov Sengaut concerning the import of frozen semen to Lithuania:

  1. If you want to buy frozen semen before purchasing please send me an email (dr@vetmed.lt) with the information what amount of semen for one bitch insemination you want to buy. Please attach the semen collection certificate to an email. We will discuss if this amount of semen is adequate. Please also indicate the following information in the letter : where you are from, your phone number, let me know if you have Viber or WhatsApp for this phone number, breed of the dog, its age, if the dog had puppies before and how many each time, when is the heat period expected.
  2. If the sperm is planned to be purchased from non-EU and non-EEA countries you will need a veterinary certificate in order to deliver the sperm to Lithuania. Please remember that sometimes sellers cannot fulfill the requirements of this certificate and such sperm cannot be sent to Lithuania directly. In such cases there is an opportunity to send the sperm to Lithuania through Germany ( Germany does not have requirements for the dog sperm). However, such a delivery method costs more, by approximately 550 – 600 euros. Information about the veterinary certificate for dog semen import to Lithuania.
  3. Please remember that sperm import can sometimes take a long time (i.e. responsible employees can be on vacation or all the containers for the sperm transportation are reserved a few weeks in advance etc.) that is why it is advised to plan and work on retrieving the sperm long before the expected heat period.
  4. Remember, in case of insemination with frozen semen only 50% of bitches will be pregnant. Before purchasing sperm always agree with the seller what you can do if the bitch isn’t pregnant or gives birth to only one puppy after insemination.
  5. You have to ask the seller how much will courier delivery cost and is there a possibility to send the shipment to Lithuania (zip-code: LT-03147) if the delivery is organized by the seller’s veterinarian? We prefer when the seller organizes and is responsible the sperm delivery to us. But we can offer our services for the sperm delivery to Lithuania with our courier if the seller’s price turns out to be much higher.
  6. In all cases we ask you NOT TO SEND us any sperm shipments before:
    • you discussed purchase and planned use of sperm with me
    • I confirmed that we can receive a shipment at a particular date
  7. Address for shipment:

Dr.Jakov Sengaut
Jakovo veterinarijos centras UAB
Gerosios Vilties str.1 Vilnius, LT-03147,
Phone +370 5 210 50 48

ATTENTION: Please always indicate your phone number (in the international format) in each email that you direct to us and let us know if you have Viber or WhatsApp for this phone number.


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