• Veterinary certificate for dog semen import to Lithuania from non-EU and non-EEA coutries ( for veterinarians )

Veterinary certificate for dog semen import to Lithuania from non-EU and non-EEA coutries ( for veterinarians )

Dear Colleagues,

For each type of sperm that is imported to Lithuania (except from the EU and EEA countries) in order to complete customs procedures there has to be attached an original “VETERINARY CERTIFICATE FOR IMPORT OF DOG SEMEN INTO THE REPUBLIC OF LITHUANIA( new 2019)“. You will find instructions for filling in the certificate below.

Date – use the date when the shipment will be sent

– it doesn’t matter which number you will write (i.e. №1 or another combination of numbers or combination of numbers and letters), but it is important to fill this in.

Third country of dispatch – name of your country

I. Identity of consignment:

  1. Semen country of origin – country, where semen was frozen.
  2. Dog donor, identification № – dog microchip number or tattoo number.
  3. Dog donor, breed – breed of the donor.
  4. Data of semen collection – data of semen collection.
  5. Type of packing – indicate what the sperm was packed into (i.e. 0.5 ml. straw, 0.25 ml. straw, pellets, veal).
  6. Quantity – quantity of straw, pellets or veals in shipment.  
  7. Name, address, approval/ registration № of semen collection centre – veterinary clinic where the semen was frozen name and address.

II. Destination of production:

Place of loading – veterinary clinic where the semen was frozen name and address.

Name and address of consignor – veterinary clinic where the semen was frozen name and address.

III. Health information (please read the requirements in the certificate).

In certificate bullet 5 indicate the name of the semen extender ( please not need composition).

Veterinarian – licensed veterinarian signature and a personal stamp with the first and last name (if the veterinarian doesn’t have such a stamp please indicate name and last name in capital letters).

Stamp – the stamp of the veterinary clinic ( please not in black color).

Additional comments:

  1. This certificate have to be filled in and signed by a veterinarian doctor that is licensed for the private veterinary practice. PLEASE we don’t need any governmental authorities (like USDA in the USA) or public veterinarians or inspectors for this certificate.
  2. PLEASE DO NOT attach any dog vaccination records,  or other documents to this certificate. We don’t need it.
  3.  The veterinarian signature of the certificate MUST BE signed with any ink color (i.e. blue, green, red), except for black. Signature on the certificate has to be original (not copy).
  4. Veterinarian stamp and veterinary clinic stamp MUST BE in any ink color (i.e. blue, green, red), except for black. Stamp has to be originally stamped and can’t be copied.
  5. The original veterinary certificate has to be attached to the shipment. In all the cases when the Lithuanian customs doesn’t find the original certificate the shipment will be arrested by the customs.
  6. The certificate has to be fully filled in. If the veterinarian can’t confirm all the facts, vaccinations or tests that are listed in the certificate the sperm cannot be delivered to Lithuania.

In order to avoid issues with the customs before the shipment of the sperm PLEASE send the certificate project (color scan) to Dr. Jakov Sengaut at dr@vetmed.lt.

PLEASE do not send any semen shipments before the confirmation from Dr. Jakov Sengaut that the certificate is correct. For any inquiries about the semen shipments to Lithuania you can contact me by the email written above.

Best Regards,

Dr. Jakov Šengaut DVM, PhD.

EVSSAR member, LSAVA vice president
Director of  Jakovo veterinarijos centras
Gerosios Vilties 1, LT-03147, Vilnius, LITHUANIA
Tel. (00 370 5) 2132982, Mob. +370 676 03 222 , 

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