Prices of services of the semen bank

Collection, assessment of the quality of the semen, issuance of a quality certificate – 70 € (Assessed criteria are amount of semen, motility, presence of pathological semenatozoa)

Prices of services – frozen semen: *

  1. Collection, assessment of the quality and freezing of semen – 200€
  2. Storing of semen (during 1 year) – 35 €
  3. Preparation, paper work and delivery of the already frozen semen:
    • to EU countries – 600 €
    • to USA and Canada – 1000 €
  • to Australia – 1250 € * ( possible not for all dogs)

*in urgent shipment cases price rise 40%..

Prices of services – chilled semen (storing up to 5 days):

Collection of the semen, assessment of the quality, chilling, packaging and completing the paper work for the delivery to the recipient (does not include price for transportation) – 200€

Approximate price for the transportation of the cooled semen to the EU countries (DHL express) – 180 €

Insemination of female dogs:

  1. Intracervical endoscopic insemination by frozen semen – 130 €.
  2. Intracervical  insemination by frozen semen (Norwegian catheter)– 120 € .
  3. Intracervical  insemination by fresh or chilled semen (Norwegian catheter)– 100 € .
  4. Vaginal insemination with sperm amount and motility evaluation– 70 € .


  1. It is possible to obtain discounts;
  2. All the procedures are performed only with the prior confirmation.

All the questions can be directed to the Doc. Dr.Jakov Sengaut DVM, Ph.D, email: (ATTENTION: please always specify your name and phone number in the letter so the doctor would be able to contact you).


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