Computed tomography scan (CT scan)

We are happy to announce that since October 2014  UAB “Jakovo veterinarijos centras” started offering a CT scanning service for cats and dogs. It is the first-ever veterinary CT scan service in Lithuania. In order to offer the service clinic bought a CT scanner “Somatom Spirit” by Siemens.

Scanning is always performed for an anaesthetized animal and always requires prior registration.

In each case prior to registration for a CT scanning our specialist will discuss with an owner of a pet a particular health problem. After the discussion it is decided if CT scanning is recommended in this particular case. Doctor will inform how an animal should be prepared before the visit to the clinic and will arrange the time for a procedure.

Preliminary conclusion (oral) is usually given right after the scanning, however, a final conclusion with description is sent to an owner of an animal via email within 24 hours after CT scanning.

Price of CT scanning – 165 € (including the price of anesthesia), if needed a price of contrast medium – 0,6 €/ml

CT scanning is performed by Dr. Marius Aniškevičius DVM ( or Dr. Viktorija Latvis DVM ( (please always specify your name and phone number in the letter so the doctor would be able to contact you).

You can contact them by the numbers of the clinic (+370 5) 2105048 or (+370 5) 2132982.

Kompiuterinė tomografija šunims ir katėms

Džiaugiamės, kad nuo 2014 m. spalio mėnesio pirmieji Lietuvoje pradėjome atlikti kompiuterinės tomografijos (KT) tyrimus šunims ir katėms. Kompiuterinė tomografija šunims ir katėms atliekama nauju, šiam tikslui įsigytu SIEMENS firmos kompiuteriniu tomografu SOMATOM Spirit.

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Pagalba knarkiantiems šunims – operacija lazeriu

Jakovo veterinarijos centre atliekama operacija lazeriu - puiki pagalba knarkiantiems šunims ir jų šeimininkams.

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Audiometrija šunims ir katėms

Audiometrija – tyrimas, kurio metu specialiu aparatu – audiometru - įvertinamas gyvūno klausos jautrumas. Jakovo veterinarijos centre naudojamas BAERCOM™ klausos tyrimo aparatas. Šis tyrimas tai - smegenų kamieno akustiniu būdu sukeltųjų potencialų tyrimas (BAER).

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