• Small animal endoscopy

Small animal endoscopy

Endoscopic examination of small animals and laparoscopic surgery

We are happy to announce that „Jakovo veterinarijos centras“ started offering a wide range of endoscopic and diagnostic procedures like:

Vaginoscopy (vaginal examination for diagnostic purposes, reasons include reproductive problems and oncology diseases);

Urethroscopy (examination of vagina and urethra to diagnose such diseases like tumors, obstruction etc.);

Cystoscopy (examination of bladder, reasons include neoplasms and other diseases, removal of bladder stones);

Otoscopy (examination and sanitation of ears, removal of foreign bodies from ears);

Rhinoscopy (examination of nasal cavity, reasons include inflammations, tumors and other diseases);

Tracheoscopy (examination of trachea, bacteriological and cytological examination, removal of foreign bodies, shunts);

Diagnostic laparoscopy (visual examination of abdominal cavity using endoscope, that is inserted in abdominal cavity though 6 mm wide hole). During the procedure it is possible to carefully examine an organ or a spot and take biopsy samples.

Colonoscopy (endoscopic examination of rectum);

Gastroscopy and duodenoscopy (endoscopic examination of stomach and duodenum performed in order to find a disease or remove foreign bodies from digestive tract without surgical intrusion).

Laparoscopic surgery allows to remove stones from bladder and perform other manipulations or operations with minimal damage to healthy organs .

All the procedures are performed using German equipment KARL STORZ.

Procedures are performed by veterinary medicine doctors Edmundas Montvila DVM and Jakov Sengaut DVM, Ph.D.

Descriptions of the listed procedures and short videos can be found here.