• Veterinary services

Veterinary services

Veterinary prophylaxis and preparation of documents that are necessary for traveling with dogs and cats outside of Lithuania or the European Union

  • Prophylactic vaccination of dogs against diseases (rabies, plague, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvovirus enteritis, parainfluenza viruses) using vaccines of famous manufacturers like Nobivac, Phizer (Vanguard), Virbac (Canigen) etc.
  • Prophylactic vaccination of cats against diseases (rabies, feline calicivirus, feline viral rhinotracheitis, feline panleukopenia virus, leukemia, chlamydia).
  • Issuance of a vaccination certificate or “Pet passport” according with the EU requirements.
  • Microchip injection and registration of animals in Lithuanian national database and European database EUROPETNET
  • Consultation about the questions and preparation of all the required documents needed for trips with animals to European countries (including the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Norway) and other countries.
  • Blood tests for rabies antibody titer (required for traveling to some countries).

Treatment of internal and infectious diseases in cats and dogs, veterinary cardiology

  • early diagnosis of age-related diseases in old animals
  • diagnosis and prophylaxis of infectious diseases
  • taking blood samples for tests
  • auscultation
  • electrocardiography
  • infusion therapy

Elective veterinary surgery

  • surgical treatment of injuries
  • removal of tumors (oncology) with further chemotherapy
  • castration and sterilization of cats and dogs
  • obstetric care, cesarean section etc.
  • other operations

Intensive veterinary care and traumatology

  • intubation, oxygen therapy, inhalation anesthesia
  • surgeries on thoracic cavity
  • surgical treatment of fractures, osteosynthesis
  • surgeries on abdominal cavity

Neurology and orthopedics

  • neurological examination
  • treatment of lameness
  • treatment of joint disorders
  • examination and treatment of the spine
  • orthopedics

Treatment of skin and ear diseases in cats and dogs

  • otoscopy – examination and treatment of auditory meatus diseases
  • examination using blacklight
  • bacteriological and mycological examinations (skin diseases)
  • microscopic examination of hair and scrapings.

CT, MRI, X-ray, echoscopy (ultrasound), endoscopy

  • digital radiography
  • fluoroscopy
  • radiography with the contrast medium
  • official FCI HIP/ED dysplasia examination
  • ultrasound pregnancy diagnosis, condition of abdominal cavity
  • new digital ultrasound equipment from the Netherlands
  • endoscopy of the stomach and duodenum
  • endoscopic removal of foreign bodies from the upper gastrointestinal tract

Modern laboratory diagnosis

  • Blood analysis

– Morphology (number of white blood cells, red blood cells, platelets, and other blood  elements, hemoglobin, blood composition)

– Biochemical tests using modern laboratory SPOTHEM analyzer (kidneys’, liver’s, spleen’s performance indicators, sugar quantity, microelements in the blood).

  • Urine test

– General (analyzer)

– Microscopic analysis of urine sediment

  • Coprological examinations (presence of parasites, protozoa, food digestion issues)
  • Chlamydia examination (Immunofluorescence)
  • We are partners with the leading European laboratories that can perform any necessary tests


  • surgeries on eyes and cornea
  • fundus examination
  • plastic surgery of the eyelids
  • eye examination for breeders in accordance with the rules of the Lithuanian Cynological Society (LKD).


  • treatment and removal of teeth
  • removal of tartar with ultrasound
  • root canal treatment (filling)
  • correction of overbite in dogs

Veterinary pharmacy

  • means of fighting parasites (fleas, ticks,  helminths)
  • dry dog and cat food (from leading manufacturers)
  • tools, clothing for animals.

Gynaecology and reproduction

  • taking blood samples in order to find out reproductive cycle of dogs (progesterone)
  • sampling, coloring and assessment of vaginal swabs
  • diagnosis and treatment of obstetrics and gynaecological diseases in dogs and cats
  • diagnosis, control and abortion in animals
  • artificial insemination of female dogs
  • collection, examination, assessment of the quality and freezing of semen (male dogs)
  • small animal semen bank

In-patient treatment (hospital for animals)

  • In-patient treatment of non-contagious diseases

Except the cases when an animal needs intensive care an appointment to see a veterinary doctor should be made in advance by calling our reception tel.  (+370 5) 2105048

All our doctors speak good Russian.