MRI Magnetic resonance imaging

We are happy to announce that since August 2017, UAB “Jakovo veterinarijos centras” started offering an MRI diagnostic service. It is the first-ever veterinary MRI service in Lithuania.

What is Magnetic resonance imaging? (MRI)

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is one of the newest, most advanced and safest types of the diagnostic radiology in modern medicine. MRI uses a strong magnetic field and frequency of radio waves, with their help it visualizes detailed appearance of internal organs and soft tissues. This method does not use ionizing radiation (radiation) and does not have negative influence on the organism.

Reasons to use an MRI scan

– this method does not have analogs for diagnosis of brain disorders (Neoplastic processes, infringement of brain blood circulation/blood supply, hematomas, purulent inflammation, hydrocephalus, epilepsy, growth and development anomalies etc.);

– presence of spinal cord diseases (herniated disc, infringement of spinal cord blood circulation/blood supply, growth and development anomalies, ascites (accumulation of fluid), oncological processes etc.);

– diagnosis of connective tissue diseases (muscle/ligament injury – ruptures, tears, inflammation, menisci of the knee joint diseases);

– diagnosis of oncological diseases of soft tissues (assessment of metastasis and general condition of lymph nodes/blood vessels).

Advantages of MRI

– method is safe, not invasive, painless and very informative (detailed, bright/pronounced appearance of organs and tissues);

– derived data is very precise;

– examination can be done with or without contrast medium;

– patients are not subjected to ionizing radiation, there are no established factors of hazards or negative consequences for the organism. That is why the methods can be used numerous times.

Disadvantages of MRI

– requires anesthesia;

– lengthy procedure ( from 15 minutes to 1 hour);

– very rare, but possible cases of allergic reaction to the contrast medium;

– the price of the service is quite high.

Preparation for an MRI and process of the examination

– in all the cases, before the magnetic resonance imaging an animal should not eat for 10-12 hours and should not drink for 2 hours before the examination.

– carry out general anesthesia

– total time of the visit varies from 60 to 90 minutes

– price of MRI is 220 euros

The examination is carried out only after registration (telephone number of the reception: +370 5 2105048 ). You can discuss an opportunity to order an MRI examination and ask your questions by contacting following veterinary medicine doctors that carry out the service:

Dr. Viktorija Latvis DVM, Ph.D., radiologist, ESAVS CSAVP Diagnostic Imaging email :

(please always specify your name and phone number in the letter so the doctor would be able to contact you).

Prior to the registration for an MRI examination is it advised to consult with doctors Marius and Viktorija. They will help to figure out if it is the most optimal method of diagnosis in your case or help to choose another method, for instance, CT scan.